What exactly is a slipped disc?

The spine is the main framework of our body in which muscles, ligaments and bones are attached to. The spine is able to move due to being cushioned by discs which allows movements in the spine. The disc is prone to damage and wear and tear, which could lead to various pain and symptoms which is related to what is known as “slipped disc”. These symptoms are;

  • Lower back pain
  • Sciatica
  • Radiation down the leg
  • Numbness down the leg
  • Pins and needles down the leg
  • Feeling as if ants are crawling 
  • pain in the lower back when sneezing or coughing
  • an acute back pain which makes it difficult to move due to muscle spasms.
  • a burning sensation down the legs.

A “slipped disc” is also called by other names such as “herniated discs” or “buldging disc”.

Slipped disc is most commonly caused by carrying a really heavy object off the floor, or a sudden twisting or jerking movement in the lower back, or repetitive bending over. These movements could accumulate a lot of stress on the lower back. 

A slipped disc is actually mistakenly named, as the disc does not “slip” from its position. In actual fact, it is an injury to the disc due to a misaligned vertebrae bone. When enough force or stress is being applied to the disc, it causes the disc fibres to be overstretched and damaged, which begins a process of inflammation and swelling which presses or pinches the nerves in the surrounding area. The nerves then send out pain signals down the legs as a burning pain, soreness, pulling pain, or even numbness.

Many people mistakenly thought that the only way to recover from a “slipped disc” is through physiotherapy or surgical intervention. However, Gonstead Chiropractic provides an alternate solution which is non-invasive and non-dependent on medicine or pain killers.

This condition can be helped through a specific adjustment or correction performed by a Gonstead Chiropractor. A gentle force is applied to the bone to reposition it back to its original position, thus restoring the proper mechanics of the disc. Which will then reduce the swelling and inflammation around the surrounding area, reducing the pressure on the nerves. 

With the correct protocol and system, the Gonstead Chiropractor can then analyse and identify the bone that has misaligned and causing pressure on the disc. The Chiropractic adjustment is a safe, gentle and non-invasive solution for patients suffering from the symptoms of “slipped discs”. In Elevate, the Gonstead system has proven to be very effective in helping our patients find their solution for their suffering.

Live a life without pain, you deserve it. Come and experience the Gonstead difference today.


Slipped Disc Gonstead Chiropractor

MRI showing a “slipped disc” or herniated disc at the L4-L5 level.