Gonstead Chiropractic, A Drug-Free And Non-Invasive Solution To Frozen Shoulder Cases?

Frozen Shoulder is a very common symptom that could affect anyone. It is also known by its medical term, adhesive capsulitis. Frozen shoulder has three stages, the freezing stage, the frozen stage, and the thawing stage.

The symptoms of a frozen shoulder could be described as the following 

Stage 1: Freezing stage

The patient has lost range of motion in the shoulder, causing excruciating pain when trying to move it. 

Stage 2: Frozen Stage

The pain intensity might reduce, but the range of motion may get increasingly stiffer. It will be increasingly difficult to move the shoulder. It would prove challenging to even put on a t-shirt. 

Stage 3: Thawing Stage.

The range of motion in the shoulder will start to gradually improve over time

Who gets Frozen Shoulder? 

Frozen shoulders can affect anyone of any gender and age, however, it is more common amongst the female gender who are over the age of 40 years. 

How long does Frozen Shoulder last? 

Frozen shoulder can be a condition that could last for a long period of time. It is a long process that could span from a few months to a few years. Although frozen shoulders may generally get better over time, it will severely affect the quality of life during the freezing and thawing stages. The pain could be excruciating enough to keep the person awake during bedtime. 

How can we speed up the recovery process of frozen shoulders? 

There are many solutions for frozen shoulders out there that involve taking various anti-inflammatory medications or pain relievers. However, this is not a very effective solution as it only temporarily masks the pain. Furthermore, relying on painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs could cause certain harmful side effects to a person’s health. Thus, it is always recommended to find a more natural, drug-free, and non-invasive solution. 

Can Gonstead Chiropractors help with frozen shoulders?

Absolutely! At Elevate Chiropractic, our Gonstead Chiropractors have had very good results with patients who have been suffering from frozen shoulders. 

The shoulder joint is made up of a very complex system of soft tissues (ligaments and tendons) and musculature to allow such mobility and also ensure stability at the same time, With that being said, any of these structures could be dysfunctional if the nerve that is supplying these areas have been disrupted. This can happen when there is a misalignment in the thoracic(middle back) or cervical(neck) spine. Misalignments at these areas could cause the nerve to be pinched, causing the shoulder joint to be dysfunctional. Over time, the shoulder loses its mobility due to the altered function of the shoulder joint, which leads to a loss of mobility. This then develops into a frozen shoulder. The corrections of the misalignments in the neck and middle back can restore the nerve function to the shoulder joint, thus speeding up the recovery process of a frozen shoulder. 

Our Gonstead chiropractors are the field experts in detecting and correcting spinal misalignments. Adherence to the Gonstead protocol will allow our Gonstead Chiropractors to accurately identify the spinal segment involved and then with the guidance of X-ray analysis, we can provide a gentle and specific correction to the misaligned vertebrae. 

Your health should be restored to its maximum potential to ensure you live a purposeful and meaningful life. Come and experience the Gonstead difference with us today.