Chiropractic Intervention for Knee Pain

Knee pain can be a debilitating injury that could severely affect the quality of a person’s life. Knee pain can be experienced by people of all ages. Contrary to popular belief, knee pain could be experienced by people of a younger age as well. Knee pain can be sustained through a knee injury with twisting, bending or falling down. These traumas may cause damage to the knee, then causing pain and loss of function.

Symptoms of Knee Pain 

  • -Sharp pain in the knee when walking or climbing up and down the stairs 
  • -A locking feeling in the knee 
  • -Loss of balance
  • -A soreness or pulling pain behind or around the knee
  • -Knee pain due to twisting
  • -pain due to meniscus injury
  • -ACL and PCL injury 
  • -Osteoarthritis 
  • -Swelling at or around the knee joint 
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Anatomy of the Knee Joint

Knee pain is most commonly caused by two factors. It could either be the actual knee joint itself that is causing the pain at the knee, or the pain in the knee could be caused by a misalignment in the pelvis or lower back (lumbar spine). 

The Cause of Knee Pain

Based on our practice experience, 70% of people with knee pain is actually caused by a misaligned pelvis or lower back. This is possible due to our body being very mechanical in nature. Hence, a poorly aligned pelvis could cause an increase in mechanical stress on the knee, which could indirectly aggravate the knee joint,  causing knee pain and discomfort. This is especially true for people who have knee pain but have no recollection or memory of a knee injury or twisting the knee. A lumbar spine misalignment could cause a similar presentation in the knee. This is because when a lumbar spine misaligns, it causes swelling and inflammation which would then impinge the nerve, causing referred pain down the leg. 

However, for people who have gone through a knee injury in which they have twisted it or had a fall, it is highly likely for them to actually have a true knee joint misalignment. The knee is made up of the shin bone (tibia) and the thigh bone (femur). One of these bones could have been twisted out of place, causing damage to the surrounding ligaments and meniscus. This will then result in long-term wear and tear to the cartilage known as the meniscus in the knee joint. It is paramount to correct the knee joint misalignment and restore function to the knee before the degeneration takes place, as it is irreversible. 

Conventional Solution for Knee Pain vs Gonstead Chiropractic for Knee Pain

Painkillers have been regarded as the most typical symptomatic relief for knee pain, however it is not a permanent solution. Gonstead Chiropractors have been proven to be effective in speeding up the recovery process of knee injuries. This is due to the fact that Gonstead Chiropractors apply a very thorough and meticulous protocol in identifying what is causing the knee pain. Guided with the help of X-rays, our Gonstead Chiropractors are able to precisely and gently correct the bone that is out of alignment. 

Take control of your health by taking your first step forward. Come and experience the Gonstead difference today. 

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