We Elevate.

At Elevate Chiropractic, we practise the gold-standard of chiropractic, the Gonstead system. This is a systematic approach that helps to accurately identify the root cause of your spinal health issue and the treatment plan is specifically crafted for each individual patient.

We practice the “Gold-standard” of Chiropractic, The Gonstead System.

The Gonstead system is a system with protocols in place in order to help the Chiropractor identify the exact location or cause of their health problems with the aid of X-rays and Instrumentation (Nervoscope) as compared to conventional Chiropractic. The Gonstead System is also known for its precise adjustment technique which aims to only correct the problematic area rather than a broad-based manipulative procedure.

The Elevate Philosophy

“Elevate” is our name, and also our soul. We believe that through physical adjustments, we alleviate our patient’s health; and through deep personal connections with our patients, we get to elevate people, community and the world.

Who are we?

We are a Chiropractic clinic located in Ampang, Kuala Lumpur and serving its local and surrounding communities such as Taman Melawati, Wangsa Maju and Setiawangsa.

We provide a surgery-free and medicine-free approach to help with various spinal health conditions and injuries.

Why Elevate?

Most people settle to be in the state they are in. The state of disability, pain, sickness and suffering. At Elevate Chiropractic, our sole mission is to strive to educate society and lift them into a better state of health and living.

We want to see grandparents playing and taking care of their grandchildrenWe want to see teenagers growing up and expressing themselves in the best way possible. We want to see athletes achieving the most out of their talents and potential. We want to see young adults vitalized and chasing their dreamsWe want to see children growing up to be healthier and stronger than the previous generations. 

This is the change that we want to bring to our community. A change that will raise the standard of living. 

Mandy, Gonstead Chiropractor

“Chiropractic saved me from surgery”

Being a previous basketball state player, our co-founder Mandy has gone through two major knee injuries on each knee. For more than 6 years, it has become chronic and started to affect her ability to fully express herself during sports. Recurrence of the injury was frustrating to the point of considering surgery. However, with the help of Gonstead Chiropractic care, Mandy is back to full fitness and is able to live her active lifestyle. She is also able to use this experience to help those who have suffered the same injury as her.

Goh, Gonstead Chiropractor

“If you listen to your body when it whispers, you won’t have to hear it scream”

Too many people have undergone so much pain and suffering that our co-founder has taken up the challenge to educate the communities out there regarding the benefits and importance of Gonstead Chiropractic care in preventing and helping their conditions. He has confidence that with his healing touch and genuine care, he can help his patients elevate their quality of life.

The Greatest Gift Of All

We believe the greatest gift you can give to your family and the world is a healthy you. Stay physically active. Be emotionally positive.

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