What is the Gonstead System? 

Chiropractic is a vast profession with various techniques and systems adopted by different practitioners. The Gonstead system is one of the many Chiropractic systems which is regarded by many as the “Gold Standard” of Chiropractic thanks to the results that it consistently delivers. 

Gonstead Chiropractic is named after its founder, Dr. Clarence S. Gonstead from Wisconsin, USA. Dr. Clarence Gonstead founded the system based on the principles of physics and engineering. His research founded the “foundation theory” whereby the base or foundation to the spine would be the pelvis. If there happens to be any disruption to the foundation of the spine, that sets off instability to the rest of the spine. Very much like a tall building or a condominium. 

Dr. Clarence Gonstead was also renowned for building one of the biggest Chiropractic practice in the world at that time. His clinic was built big enough to have more than 100 people waiting at a time. He also built a motel right beside his clinic for patients who were travelling from other states and countries.

The Gonstead System is also founded on a thorough protocol of analysis and examination. Every Gonstead Chiropractor that practices the Gonstead system would be able to arrive at the same diagnosis and conclusion if the protocols are being followed accurately. 

The first step in the Gonstead system involves the Gonstead Chiropractor using his eyes to visualize areas of the spine or body that have imbalances or any inflammatory signs. This could very well indicate that a particular area of the body is not functioning properly and needs to be further investigated.

The second step in the system begins with using an instrument called the “Nervoscope”. This Nervoscope is used by the Gonstead Chiropractor in locating and analyzing areas in the spine where a misalignment has occurred. The Nervoscope is glided down the entire spine from the base of the skull all the way to the tailbone in order to leave no stones unturned. Once the Gonstead Chiropractor picks up a reading from the device, the practitioner then takes notes and marks it down with a skin pencil in order to keep track of the potential areas that have misaligned. 

The Gonstead Chiropractor then proceeds to use his fingers to support his findings with the Nervoscope by a procedure known as “palpating”. This procedure involves the practitioner using the tips of his fingers to assess function of the spine by its movement and also detect presence of any swelling (edema) which may indicate a spinal segment misalignment. 

The next and final step in the Gonstead System protocol would be to refer to an X-ray for confirmation. The X-ray is a vital step in confirming and identifying the direction of misalignments as this is important in designing a treatment plan that is specific for the patient.

Once the direction of misalignment of these spinal segments has been identified, the Gonstead Chiropractor then proceeds to provide a specific and gentle correction which is known as an adjustment. This adjustment should only be done on the segment involved and directly with skin on skin contact. Any adjustment that is done over clothing is inaccurate and inefficient for the purpose of correction. 

The Gonstead System is highly regarded for its excellent results through the system’s protocol in being accurate and specific in finding the root cause of the problem.

Elevate the quality of your health with the Gonstead difference.

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The founder of Gonstead Chiropractic, Dr. Clarence Selmar Gonstead.

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