Neck pain And Chiropractic. Is Chiropractic An Effective Remedy For Neck Pain? 

Have you ever woken up one morning and felt an intense pull in your neck? Have you felt like it was difficult to turn your head and you feel like a robot? That stiffness and pain you’re experiencing are not caused by your pillow and it is unlikely that it is caused by your sleeping position. This is a very common occurrence that is felt by most people at least once in their lives. However, do not take this lightly and assume that it is nothing serious as this could be an indication of a chronic neck issue. 

Signs and symptoms

  • Overall stiffness in the neck
  •  pulling or tension-type pain that is felt at the sides of the neck towards the shoulders
  • a uncomfortable soreness that keeps reoccurring
  • headaches when the neck pain is aggravated
  • numbness, shooting pain, or feeling as though ants are crawling on your hands.
  • Unable to rotate the head towards the left and right

The occasional neck pain should not be taken lightly. In this era of digitalisation where people spend most of their time looking down at their phones, it is inevitable for our health to decline. Constantly looking down or up are very unnatural positions for our neck to be in, and this could cause a sprain in the neck which could cause the cervical spine segments to misalign. 

How does neck pain happen? 

Once a cervical spinal segment has misaligned, it will cause inflammation and swelling at the joint itself which can then cause pressure on the surrounding nerves. This could then cause pain in the surrounding areas and may also send pain signals down the hands and fingers which is known as radiculopathy. This pain may come and go, causing the patient to feel as though the problem has subsided. However, in most cases, although the pain has subsided, that does not mean the issue in the neck has been corrected. 

Who does neck pain affect? 

Neck pain is usually experienced by people of age 15-45. It is more commonly experienced in people who heavily use their cell phones or spend countless hours using their laptops/computers. When the neck is constantly in a flexed (bent) position, it could cause stress to accumulate in the long run. This is particularly true for most office workers.

Solution for neck pain? 

Most people would usually resort to massages to relieve their neck pain or soreness only to find that it only provides temporary relief rather than a more long-term and permanent solution. As the general public would seem to think that the pain or soreness is muscular in nature, when it is in actual fact, a spinal problem. 

Gonstead chiropractors are the preferred healthcare professionals to help with neck pain. These misaligned cervical segments need to be corrected in order to restore a neck to its healthy state. Gonstead Chiropractors can correct these neck issues with the most gentle maneuver without any twisting involved in the spine. Assisted with X-ray analysis, Gonstead Chiropractors can then precisely identify the segment that needs to be corrected. 

Regain your range of motion, and regain control of your life.

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Our Gonstead Chiropractor gently assessing the neck for any spinal problems..